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"Honey badger"

Nikki Curwen

“The Artemis Academy is a great resource for sailors to develop their solo offshore sailing skills. Having the chance to develop my sailing ability with the support and guidance of the Academy is an unbelievable opportunity - one not to miss! Becoming a member of the 2013 Development Squad means everything to me, with this opportunity I can now follow the dream to race on the Mini circuit, accumulating as many miles and as much experience as possible. My ultimate goal would be to qualify and get to the start of the Mini Transat in September 2013, although it will be very tough in the time scale available.”

Nikki Curwen
D.O.B: 07/12/88
Hometown: Farnham, Surrey
Nickname: 'Honey badger'
Status: Full time Development Squad member

What is your best sailing achievement?
Myth of Malham 2012 in a J105 – 115 mile beat up to Eddystone lighthouse in winds up to 42knots. Followed by a return blast with the kite up – screaming along down the waves, reaching a max speed of 17.5 knots in 37 knots of wind. Taking the overall bullet was the cherry on top of a great race.

What has been your scariest moment on the water?
Thankfully I don’t tend to get scared as such – although I always have a worry of the mast snapping when the kite is up in heavy winds – touch wood it hasn’t happened yet!

If I wasn’t a sailor I would be…
Back in the office in front of a computer.

Who has had the biggest influence on your career to date?
My family has always been a huge influence to my sailing. My mum was a huge support travelling the country with me during my dinghy days in Cadets. While my dad introduced, taught and gave me the opportunity to learn the skill and love of two handed and solo sailing.

Who has been your sailing inspiration?
Initially Pete Goss put the spark into me to try offshore sailing, but now it’s multiplied – there are too many to choose from. 

When I'm not sailing you'll find me...
If I’m not working then I’d be snowboarding or cycling – or more likely catching up on sleep from the latest sailing adventure!

What are the top three races that you have competed in?
1.RORC Myth of Malham 2012 – 1st Overall, Two-Handed and 3rd in class 
2.Solo Offshore Racing Club - Channel Week – 1st Rookie and 8th Overall
3.RORC Series 2011 – 3rd in Class 3 (Racing Two-Handed)

Three words to depict your personality?
Energetic, optimistic, outgoing.

List your top three things about short-handed sailing?
1. Intensity
2. Personal Challenge
3. Pure solitude and freedom

What makes a short-handed sailor tick?
The love of sailing.

What attracts you to solo/short-handed sailing?
The challenge at first – now I’m just hooked!

  • Age:07-12-88 Age: 24
  • Hometown:Farnham, Surrey
  • Status:Development Squad - Mini
  • Time spent with Academy:2013