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Jack Bouttell

"After gaining selection into the 2013 Development Squad, I hope to further develop my sailing ability and to compete in more shorthanded events, build on my short-handed skills and become a more rounded sailor.  Joining the Academy is a really great achievement, to have taken on a hugely tough Trial against very good sailors from different backgrounds and to come out as a squad member is awesome. I aim to take onboard everything that I am taught throughout this training opportunity, improve on my sailing ability and finish learning French."

Jack Bouttell
D.O.B: 18/01/91
Hometown: Southampton, Hampshire
Nickname: 'Mantis'
Status: Full time Development Squad member

What is your best sailing achievement?
It's hard to put it down to one thing as most of them have been great, but I guess Round Great Britain and Ireland 2010, placing 3rd overall and 1st in class. It was a very tough race, windy, wet to the bone for six days straight and a few things needing fixing along the way kept it interesting. Also skippering a Class 40 in the 2009 Carribbean 600, finishing 1st in class and 2nd overall.

What has been your scariest moment on the water?
Having a section of a boat delaminate whilst sailing double-handed in the Bay of Biscay with 35 knots of breeze as it was getting dark and sailing a leaking yacht - that was up there I reckon.

If I wasn’t a sailor I would be…
Good question. Maybe a mountaineer/guide or adventurer, something along those lines.

Who has had the biggest influence on your career to date?
Everyone I have met has been an influence, some more than others (like my parents and close friends), but mainly advice passed on and hard lessons learnt have shown me good ways to move forward in sailing.

Who has been your sailing inspiration?
Ellen MacArthur

When I'm not sailing you'll find me...
Kitesurfinging, at the gym, paddle boarding, running, cycling, swimming or climbing.

What are the top three races that you have competed in?
1.Fastnet 2009: Pindar open 60 - 4th overall
2.Round Great Britain and Ireland 2010: Tonnerre Ker 46 - 1st in class, 3rd overall
3.Pineapple Cup 2011(Fort lauderdale to Jamaica) - 2nd overall

Three words to depict your personality?
Ambitious, trustworthy and easy going.

List your top three things about short-handed sailing?
1. The diversity of skills required
2. Challenging situations
3. Satisfaction of overcoming all challenges on your own

What makes a short-handed sailor tick?
Knowing that at the end of the day it all comes down to you, making you very focussed and able learn to quickly.

What attracts you to solo/short-handed sailing?
Same as above.

  • Age:18-01-91 Age: 22
  • Hometown:Southampton, Hampshire
  • Status:Development Squad
  • Time spent with Academy:2013