Course of Leg 3

Artemis waves

"For Leg 3, we will be heading out of Paimpol in a coastal course to play with which should be a nice spectacle for the spectators out on the water. It should take about an hour before we head around the corner and head out west towards the very rocky and dangerous Northern Brittany coastline. We are not expecting any sleep in the first 18h of the race. We’ll be heading in that first night pretty tired and coming out of it exhausted. We are looking at 15-20 knots upwind with tacking between rocks in a place notorious for boats smashing one another. 

We then go around l’Île de Ouessant/Ushant and past the Raz de Seine, which is a very tidal area. 

We then head across the Bay of Biscay and that will be as offshore as we will get in this Solitaire. We’ll be on one jibe so we’ll be able to get some sleep back before we hit a ridge with no wind right in the middle of the Bay. That ridge will be perpendicular to the ideal run line. The race there becomes “who can cut across the fastest”. The fleet will compact on this ridge then split up as the first boats get the new breeze. It’ll be a big decision deciding where to head to get that new breeze. It could render the first part of the race almost irrelevant and make that one moment the one that could decide the race. 

After that we head down to a mark called BXA that is a south of La Rochelle so to add a bit of distance to the race. Then up around l’Île d’Oléron and into La Rochelle which should be quite straightforward with the new breeze from after the ridge will have filled in."