Artemis 23 arrives in La Rochelle

Artemis waves

A few hours after the start of Leg 3 on Saturday the 2nd, Hugh Brayshaw on Artemis 23 was forced to inform Race Officials that he was retiring from the race after his forestay gave way. After a nocturnal repair from the Artemis Shore Team (Jerome Solem and Joan Mulloy), Hugh set back out with Jack Grundy on board. They had a pit stop on Belle-Ile on Monday to refuel and get some well deserved cold drink. 

Artemis 23 docked into the Port des Minimes in La Rochelle at 07:30 on Tuesday the 5th. Here is what Jack Grundy - Training and Development Manager for the Academy - had to say about their sail:

 "The spirits on board Artemis 23 were pretty high. Hugh was incredibly grateful for the shore team’s efforts. Once we had settled into it, it was pretty nice. I think he quite enjoyed the double-handed sail. We tried to make the most of it and I made sure that he had as much rest as possible.

It was great to sail with Hugh, I learned so much from sailing with him! It was a very good experience.

It was probably half sailing and half motor boating. We literally had every condition, from 25 knots upwind to start with followed by motoring in 3 knots of breeze with dolphins on the bow. And to finish we had the kite up with 20 knots, which was quite nice. A real mixture of weather conditions and a good trip.

It’s nice to finally arrive in La Rochelle. I’m looking forward to the last push and to see all the other sailors come in. Having them recover as quick as possible will be interesting.

Hugh will definitely be ready to start the next leg! We were talking about it and we both agreed that he was in a better condition than he would be had he raced Leg 3. He just has to think about it like a nice sprint at the end. It’s an opportunity for him to show how well he can sail."