La Solitaire - Bompard Le Figaro 2016 short film

09:56 - 18th July 2016 | Video

This video made by SeaEvents will take you onboard the Figaros during the gruelling 47th Solitaire, and show you the scale of such an incredible event

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Alexis courcoux 160425ag2r 2729 10:30 - 15th July 2016 | Video

Artemis Offshore Academy in the Transat AG2R 2016

Artemis waves

On April 3rd, Robin Elsey and Sam Matson set off on their first Transat AG2R La Mondiale. They completed the race in just over 22 days and ranked 6th overall. Here is the video made by Robin about their time at sea

Img 9472 13:10 - 1st July 2016 | Video

Andrew Baker about falling overboard

Artemis waves

On Leg 2 of the 47th edition of La Solitaire - Bompart Le Figaro, #SeaChange skipper Andrew Baker fell overboard with nobody around him. He managed to get back on board and complete the leg. 

Screen shot 2016-06-15 at 18.09.09 17:05 - 15th June 2016 | Video

Artemis rookie Hugh Brayshaw explains the Solitaire in 2 minutes

Artemis waves

Hugh Brayshaw will be discovering the Solitaire this year sailing on Artemis 23. Follow him into his boat as he explains what the Solitaire is.

14:37 - 25th October 2015 | Video


Artemis waves

An unexpected way to start my first 3 weeks of training was to spend most of it in the gym! Having now finished ‘Rookie Month’ i’m pretty exhausted an am on my way home for a few days of rest and recovery. I’ve put together a short video of some of the footage we managed to get from the camp… take a look!